Lodge Education Officer of 2018–┬áKris Sams

Degree Master Craftsman
E.A. Brock Ryan, PM
F.C. Jim Thornesberry
M.M. Kris Sams

The Master Craftsman assigned to the candidate will usually share contact information with them. If for some reason you have lost the information, just contact the website and we will put you in touch with your Craftsman.

Masonic Education Literature

Masonry is considered by many of us to be a life long journey. We never cease our knowledge of it even as we move on to other Masonic Bodies within. Many people have written books about Freemasonry, both good and bad. Here are a few of just many books you can purchase to read more on the histories of Freemasonry and how it helped shape this country throughout the centuries.

Below are some resource materials recommended by Freemason University for further studies along the journey.